Download the Latest 2022 Full HD Bokeh Application

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Hello Application friends – This time we will discuss about applications that can beautify and beautify the results.

As stated above, this application can create bokeh effects, you can also easily adjust the part that will be given a bokeh effect. Apart from that, you can also adjust the thickness of the bokeh effect and the lighting on the video that you are going to edit.

Download the Best Full HD Bokeh Video Application

Download the Best Full HD Bokeh Video Application

This Bokeh Video application is a trending application and is quite viral in cyberspace, on social media. Because its development is very fast and many users like the features of this application.

If you are looking for an application to make videos and photos with a bokeh effect, this is where you will get it, we will also share links and reviews that are suitable for you to use.

Immediately, see the following applications that you can choose according to your needs.

DSLR Camera Blur

DSLR Camera Blur

DSLR is the easiest and fastest bokeh video app to use. In addition, the results of the bokeh effect also look very professional.

Some of the features of Blur DSLR Camera are:

  1. kind of fade. There are two types of blur in this application.The first is a circular blur.The second is a straight line blur. You can choose according to your needs.
  2. Touch Features. This function allows you to blur and focus with a swipe of a finger.You can use this application according to your integrity.

Blur Videos

This Blur Video application is one of the many bokeh applications. This application can edit videos in MP4, WMV or 3GP format. There are many other superior features in this application, namely:

Freestyle escape. The first, of course, is the blur function. In this app you can set where the blur is. Is it left, right, up or down? You just have to play the role you want.

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Fun blur. You can select different types of blur. It can be outside the main object or inside. It’s simple, just press and move your finger.

I didn’t grow a GI. This feature allows you to create a blur effect in certain areas so that your video has a square orientation.

Insta Bokeh

This APK can also be your choice. Even though this app is specialized only for bokeh videos, its features include:

  • Bokeh effect.
  • light effect.
  • Bokeh and light effect settings.

Video Bokeh VideoShow Editor

Video Bokeh VideoShow Editor

VideoShow is ranked by 400 million users as the best video editor and creator in various countries according to PlayStore.

This application has an editor function to edit videos or create videos with a collection of images, photos, music, sound effects, stickers, which is easy and satisfying.

You can beautify your videos and music clips with text, FX, effects, GIFs, stickers, lots of music, mode filters, transitions, sound effects or live sound.

Main Features of VideoShow Editor App

  1. Spectacular filters to make videos different.
  2. Various background music and you can add your own songs from your smartphone device, too
  3. Useful when cutting movies or shooting videos.
  4. The background may appear blurry and the audio speed and sound enhancement functions may change.
  5. Different text styles and fonts to create subtitles.
  6. Over 50 themes to create music videos, create gifs, slideshows, vlogs and funny videos.
  7. Multiple tracks can be added after pre-defined intervals.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Who is not familiar with this one bokeh video application. Yes, the Adobe Premiere Clip application is an application that you can rely on.

Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the best video editing applications for PCs or laptops? Adobe Premiere Clip on Android smartphones also offers video bokeh capabilities, automatic museums, photo galleries and videos. You can also edit manually by including the various available tools, effects, and music. Easy isn’t it.

The advantages of this application are:

  1. The user interface is easy and simple enough for beginners.
  2. Full support for creating social media content like Instagram.
  3. The function of this application is very simple.
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The next application is the After Focus application. Just like the previous application, this application also has many advantages in its features. Here are the advantages and explanations:

This application is fast in selecting the focus area can be faster. Just mark which part you want to do with bokeh. It will automatically convert to bokeh.

more realistic. If you pay attention, After Focus has a much more realistic result, just like an SLR camera.

This is what you’re looking for, right? Bokeh effect like a professional camera using After focus you can get satisfying results.

Show VideoEditor

Next the most popular app, Show Video Editor Which video show is the most popular? This application has been used by 400 million people. Follow its features:

  • 50 themes for backing up videos.
  • Different kinds of music bring videos to life.
  • Realistic Bokeh effect and easy to operate.
  • Various beautiful and attractive filters.
  • Refresh subtitles and animate videos.

Inpics Free

For Instagram, TikTok and YouTube users, Inpics is the recommended video editing app for editing videos for the social media platforms mentioned above. Follow its features:

  • Various stickers and text.
  • Video cutter.
  • Simple and realistic bokeh effect.
  • Trim, flip and merge videos on the right timeline.

Bacon Camera

This program is probably the only manual bokeh video program without using IP. But still has some features. Follow its features:

  • Manual focus.
  • Total exposure.
  • ISO and shutter speed.
  • Support for RAW and PNG files.
  • Cool bokeh effect. And some others.



Everyone must know this one, right? Who doesn’t know Inshot. Almost everyone now uses Inshot. Here are the features in it:

  • Thousands of stickers and various text options.
  • Various effects, including bokeh, as well as filters.
  • Set the speed of your video. Do it in slow motion, so that’s cool.
  • You can present photos in a slideshow and also convert videos.

Frame Lapses

Frame Lapse is a feature-rich bokeh photo and video editing application. You can record high quality videos easily, quickly and easily. Another feature that you can get is to set the duration of the video automatically.

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As the name implies, this application is actually more focused on the features of making time-lapse videos. However, it also includes a background blur filter to create stunning bokeh effect video masterpieces.

This app has a built-in calculator to ensure accurate recording times. There are several themes that make your photos or videos even more beautiful.

In addition, this application provides operating instructions along with frequently asked questions.

Key Features of Frame Lapse Application

  1. Auto focus mode
  2. White Balance
  3. Filter Effects
  4. exposure
  5. Configuration menu

Camera MX

Camera MX

This one is sure to appeal to many photography enthusiasts. You could even say Camera MX is valuable enough to replace the default camera application on all cellphones, with additional features that are rarely found in Android applications.

This app takes video recording to the next level, with the ability to create time-lapse videos and apply effects and filters in real time, Camera MX provides an engaging and intuitive experience.

For the post-production process, Camera MX offers a variety of practical tools, such as the ability to change the brightness level, crop, give a slow motion effect to certain scenes, and also reduce the size of the video to make it easier to load.

Key Features of the Camera MX Application

  1. Has HDR settings
  2. Number of filters
  3. Has an image sharpening tool
  4. Has a mirror effect
  5. Number of frames
  6. Has tilt shift

Square Videos

Square Videos

Looking for an easy one? In fact, all the apps mentioned above are easy to operate. But Square Video is also one of the easiest apps to work with. Follow its features:

  1. Edit videos in real time and see the effect in real time.
  2. Blur effect and color effect in the background.
  3. You can trim videos.
  4. Change video orientation.
  5. Add music and cut music.

Thus the explanation regarding the “Full HD Bokeh Video Application“, immediately have the applications above to use them immediately. Hopefully it can be useful for you and useful for those who download this application. Thank you.